Hi, I'm an erotic fanfiction writer. Smut is all I have the ability to write.

This is a side blog where I'm going to put all my writings and drabbles.

Pairing: Kagakuro

Rating: M

I’ve been wanting to do a lingerie wearing!Kuroko for a while…uvu


"Oh, welcome back, Kagami-kun.”

Now, Kagami Taiga wasn’t the brightest, so he couldn’t help but gape like a fish as he dropped his school bag in shock, staring at a skanky clad Kuroko in his bed. 

The bluenette was lying on his side, facing Kagami. His pale hairless legs, that just made Kagami want to rub his hands up and down them since they looked oh so smooth, were entangled together as he rested on his left arm, his right swung behind his hips. A light blue babydoll littered with white lace at the seams, laid on his chest, the bra transparent, showing off pink nipples. It was cut in the middle, showing off his stomach as the excess fabric fell over his back and to the comforter. Matching blue panties barely covered his lower part, showing his flaccid length to ruby eyes. 

Overall, Kagami thought he was going to faint at the sight. Kuroko looked so sexy.

He wanted to devour him. 

Trying to control his inner raging tiger, the redhead gulped before quickly averting his eyes as a red hue covered his cheeks.

"W-What are you..doing exactly..?" 

He heard shuffling, causing him to turn his head back around to see what the other male was doing, and came face to face with unreadable blue eyes.

"Gah! What the fu-mmph!"

Kagami was quickly cut off from his crude expression when soft lips pressed passionately against his, breaking off any spoken communication. When Kuroko had broke the kiss, he looked up at Kagami, his eyes slightly glazed over in sexual anticipation. 

This isn’t fair…

"Kagami-kun, we had been going out for 6 months now, yet you haven’t touched me at all."




The power forward blinked as he registered what his shadow just said. He wanted Kagami to tear him apart, to break him, to make him submit? He wanted him to mess him up? 

"Really…Kagami-kun is too slow," whispered Kuroko as he wrapped his arms around the other’s neck and leaned up on his tip toes to press another passionate kiss to red lips. The kiss quickly took a turn as the bluenette licked at Kagami’s lips, earning a soft growl before a tongue was shoved in his own mouth, their tongues entangling together as Kuroko felt himself start to get eaten.


This was what he wanted.

Kuroko loved the usual sweet and honest Kagami,  but he wanted to see the beast that came out when they played basketball, the beast that would completely consume him.

He wanted all of Kagami.

And now he’ll get it.

He gave a soft squeak as his panty clad behind was squeezed in large tan hands. His small body was lifted up easily, his legs locking around strong hips as his hands tightened around the other’s neck. He felt Kagami move forward, towards the bed, which he was dropped on. 

The red head hovered over his boyfriend, fit between those sexy legs, about to  lose his resolve to just slam his cock deep inside that tight body, as his eyes observed the light blue locks that spilled on his white sheets, the redden skin of that flush face, the cherry colored lips. He moved down to see that Kuroko’s nipples had puckered in arousal, straining against the turquoise cloth as Kagami noticed the other’s penis was in the same state, already forming a slight wet spot. 

"I’m not going to hold back, Kuroko," growled Kagami lustfully.

"Please…eat me Kagami-kun." 

With that reply Kagami dug in, giving another rough kiss as his right hand twerked at a perked left nipple, rolling it between his fingers as he swallowed the gasps that fell from his shadow’s mouth. He broke the kiss to give Kuroko some air, traveling down to suck through the fabric on the other’s right nipple, still tweaking the one in his right hand. He then switched sides, giving a large suck at the sore nipple as his left fingers slid over the wet one. 

The light haired phantom player had his head thrown back as soft gasps and mewls fell from his mouth as his chest was on sensitive overdrive. He felt the other kiss his way down his stomach, leaving love bites all over until he felt warm air over his manhood. A rough tongue slowly trailed up his length, leaving a path of saliva over the panties. Kuroko let out a sharp “Ah!” at the action, shivering in sexual desire.

"N-No, Kagami-kun, skip it. I can’t wait anymore…"

Kagami seem to comprehend the meaning of Kuroko’s words because he nodded with a reply of “Yeah, me too,” before he spread his boyfriend’s legs, noticing that they were indeed soft, and instead sucked on the fabric covered anus in front of him. He smirked at the loud moan that he received, glad that even Kuroko could be vocal, and slid his finger to move the blue panties off to the side, exposing the pink hole. The redhead tasted it directly, groaning at the sweet taste of his partner, as he slowly slide his right index finger into the moist hole. Kagami felt the other shudder and give a breathy gasp as he started moving his finger, noticing that the hole was pretty lose. 

"Kuroko…why is your-"

The bluenette replied quickly with the answer of, “I told you Kagami-kun…I couldn’t wait any longer so I…I prepared myself.”


Then it hit him. Kuroko…fingered himself? For him?

Kagami let out a feral growl as he took his finger out, not missing the noise Kuroko made at the action, and unzipped his school slacks, reaching into his boxers and pulling out his thick cock. 

Hearing the wanton noise the pale male made, Kagami lost all reason as he lifted Kuroko’s hips and spread his legs far apart, nearing bending him in half as he once again moved the edge of the panties to the side and lined his dick up against the saliva covered entrance. He gave one last look at Kuroko, daring him to stop him. Yet all he got was lustful blue clearly accepting what was to happen to him. And that was when the redhead slammed himself inside, all the way to the hilt.

They both moaned simultaneously  Kagami an “Ah!” at the foreign tightness that surrounded him, and Kuroko a scream as he felt himself fully penetrated for the first time. When they both adjusted, Kagami started moving, thrusting himself in and out as his thrusts moved the body beneath him back and forth. 

It soon became hotter, wetter, even more pleasurable as the thrusts became fierce, the power forward pounding into the lithe body of his lover. Each time he entered and re entered, a noisy squelch sound was made as his pre cum dripped inside Kuroko. His hips slapped against the soft butt of the bluenette, making them jiggle roughly half in and half out in the panties they were still in cased in. 

Drool was trickling it’s way down a pale chin as blunt fingernails dug into muscled arms. This had to be the most noise Kuroko had ever made in his life. All he could do was scream, moan, gasp, and groan as his sweet spot was hit over and over again, driving him insane. 

It was over almost all too soon, Kuroko throwing his head back, his body arching off the bed, his chest up in the air as he screamed out Kagami’s name and orgasmed  his panties and chest getting soaked in his own cum. The hot sight of a cumming Kuroko, and the unbearable heat that squeezed around him, caused Kagami’s own need to cum as jets of his sperm spurted inside the anal cavity his penis was inside. 

When both males finally caught their breathes, they met for a soft and loving kiss, as Kagami pulled out and collapsed next to Kuroko. The shadow of Seirin’s ace snuggled into his boyfriend, exhausted mentally and physically. The redhead’s arms embraced him protectively, welcoming the other’s body.


"What is it, Kagami-kun?" mumbled the bluenette.

"Let’s keep that outfit." 

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